For over a decade, Scott Weingold has been involved in the financial services and education sector. Seeing how much misinformation was out there in the media & financial planning community with regards to saving and paying for college, Scott decided to become an expert in ‘late stage’ college planning.  He was ranked the #1 “College Financial Aid Expert Worth Knowing About” in the entire country by CollegeStats.org.  He has trained and mentored well over 300 independent financial advisors, CFPs, CPAs, insurance professionals & mortgage professionals on the ‘in’s and out’s’ of the college funding industry and running a successful practice. In this position, he and his partners – with over 16 years experience in helping families more easily afford to send their children to college – developed the nation’s leading college admissions and financial aid service center; College Planning Network, LLC and one of the internet’s most widely viewed online educational content sites; CollegeMadeSimple.com.

College Planning Network, LLC has coined the phrase – “Your Family’s Single Source For College Admissions and Financial Aid Planning” because that’s what they are. They have positioned themselves as “The Total College Funding Solution” covering every aspect of the college admissions and financial aid process. Some of the areas where they assist families are by:

  • Helping parents and students navigate the complex college admissions and financial aid processes.
  • Designing custom plans that help families more easily afford to pay for their children’s education.
  • Helping students pick the school that’s the right “fit” for them… and their parents’ bank accounts.
  • Developing strategies designed to keep their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) as low as possible.
  • Informing families in advance which schools will give their student money… and which ones won’t.
  • Maximizing a family’s chances of receiving the best financial aid award offer, including appeal strategies.
  • Offering innovative & effective Student Counseling & Student Positioning strategies.
  • Providing application reviews, proprietary prep courses, private coaching & admission essay critiquing.
  • And much, much more…

To date, College Planning Network, LLC has helped thousands of families from all across the country – and from all different walks of life – send their children to their dream colleges and pay for it without putting their financial futures in jeopardy. So many parents end up overpaying for college because they don’t know all of the strategies available to them to help lower their out-of-pocket costs. For more information on these strategies and other tips on navigating your way through the college funding jungle, check out CollegeMadeSimple.com.

Scott is a nationally respected trainer and speaker. His co-authored book “The Real Secret To Paying For College. The Insider’s Guide To Sending Your Child To College – Without Spending Your Life’s Savings” has been a big hit amongst parents.  Along with Scott’s #1 ranking amongst College Financial Aid Experts, he has also been recognized by Crains Cleveland Business and CJN Magazine as being one of the Top 20 Business People On The Rise.  He has been featured or mentioned in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Yahoo News, TheStreet.com, Voice America with Ron Adams, Crains Cleveland Business, and on Cleveland Connection with James McIntyre.

Mr. Weingold has published numerous articles and is a professional speaker who has addressed thousands of audiences online and offline throughout the United States.  Scott’s actionable insights & candid, open approach have earned him & his team numerous media interviews, citations, and speaking opportunities, and his free online video workshop is one of the Internet’s most widely viewed pieces in the college funding space.

Scott was born and raised in Northeast Ohio and continues to live there today with his wife, Alison and daughter, Sydney. He graduated from John Carroll University with a degree in finance. He enjoys traveling, exercising, spending time with friends and family and being involved with several associations and charitable causes including the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.